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    💍 You're a Gem Valentine's Day Tags 💍

    January 28, 2019 2 min read

    1 Comment

    💍 You're a Gem Valentine's Day Tags 💍

    This year for my daughter's valentines, I decided to look outside the box for something that fits with her current interests. Sure, there are lots of unicorn and Disney princess options on the shelves at the store. And the ease of just writing names on them and being done has really been my thing in the past.

    Not This Year

    As my daughter is more than halfway through her first grade year, I have come to realize that there are lot of different interests at this age (both good and bad).  This year she is really into science, especially the study of rocks and gems. Ring pops count as gems right?!? And I wanted to celebrate the interests that set her apart as a unique little lady.
    So, when I told her we would do Ring Pop valentines this year, she loved the idea and I loved the thought of putting something together that was easy, and also looked adorable. Enter - the "Valentine You're a Gem" tags.
    I was able to order a big box of Ring Pops right off of Amazon, along with the clear bags to put them in. With tags that I was able to print right from my home printer, I had these put together in no time at all.  (#momwin)

    I did remove the Ring Pops from their original packaging so that they would be on better display. Then, I just tossed them into the clear bags and tied the tag right on with a simple gold twist tie (these even came with the bags I ordered).

    They are bagged up and ready to send to school with my daughter and I was able to cross this off my list of things to do!

    Check out these printable tags, along with all our Valentine's Day stickers!

    1 Response

    Andrea H.
    Andrea H.

    January 30, 2019

    That’s a great idea! She’ll love it. Excellent blog writing, btw!
    Our school district doesn’t allow any candy or treats for Valentine’s Day, only cards.
    Addison loves Pocahontas right now, which is really hard to turn into Valentine’s cards!

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