The Ultimate Galentine's Day

I'll come right out and say it.  I am the luckiest gal around. might ask?

Well, because I get to work with an incredibly inspirational, motivational and ridiculously talented group of!  And as my kitchen mentor, Ina Garten would say, "how great is that?"

Yes, Ina, it really is.

So move on over's all about the ladies this year and a fabulous Galentine's Day.  We're talking food, cocktails - and of course - chocolate.

Just pick a day and time to gather the women you want to celebrate. Then, read on for some fun inspiration to share the love.


Full disclosure here...I'm still learning from Ina. But if she's taught me one thing - it's that store-bought is fine.  

Where there's cocktails, small bites are always a hit.  Think charcuterie board, small quiches, or even a french fry bar. "Fries over guys" (Yes, I went there).  And honestly, who doesn't love a good cheese fry? Bake off some frozen french fries and lay out all the goodies like bacon bits, shredded cheese, and maybe even gravy.  And some liquid cheese just for good measure - you know the kind.

And don't forget about the sweets - I know I certainly can't.  Again, keeping it simple and easy, browse the bakery counter for petite cakes or cookies.  Or serve up a chocolate fondue with pound cake bites and strawberries. YUM!!! Lay out some adorable party napkins for a customized touch.

 Heck, forget the stress and have a Galentine's Day potluck, asking each lady to bring a small bite with them.


Liven up the party with a fun photo backdrop like these cute paper fans from Target.  Inexpensive, yet adorable.  Add some funny dollar-store photo booth props or a chalkboard and you're covered - besides the blank wall to hang your fans on.  Grab one of those instant-print cameras and your gals can even take the fun photos home with them!

And send the ladies home with a fun snack using our free printable (coming to the blog on Monday). Or make this version for a sweet/salty treat.



A Galentine's Day party would not be complete without a special cocktail to share. Enjoy this yummy mix of sweet and tart with our Best Gal blend served in our customized cups


Or these hot pink beauties would be fun, too.  


No matter the food, the decorations, or the drinks (make sure you have them) - take some time this year to truly celebrate the special women around you who make this crazy adventure of life a lot more wonderful.

Happy Galentine's Day from all of us here at Pink Poppy! xoxo

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