Effortless Summer Entertaining

Here at Rubi and Lib we love to entertain.  We also like to make it as effortless as possible.  Entertaining does not always need to be an extravagant birthday party, shower or cookout it can also be an intimate gathering with your closest friends, family or neighbors. Summer time is one of my favorite times to host informal gatherings.  Today I wanted to share a few of my tips to ensure that you are always prepared to be at the top of your hosting game at the drop of a hat this summer!
Uping your beverage game is an easy way to ensure you are the host or hostess with the mostess when entertaining!  Do you have a favorite drink that you make, or beer that you keep on tap?  One of my favorite ways to simplify entertaining is to perfect a signature cocktail and keep the supplies to make it on hand at all times.  Want to step your game up even more? Create a custom signature drink sign and frame it to let your guests know what options you have on hand.  Although these are popular at weddings and events, all of these can be customized for your individual use!
Now that you have your signature drinks handled my next tip is to keep personalized cups and napkins on hand at all times.  Our personalized products are not just for parties!  They make wonderful gifts and are perfect to keep on hand for entertaining. Simple monogram designs work well for this.  Does your outdoor entertaining space have a fun name?  Creating a custom design that highlights the name of your patio, bar or deck space is sure to spark fun conversation.
We have a few staple summertime treats in our house at all times.  Keeping these on hand means we are always prepared.  I always ensure that I have smores supplies on hand for a crowd.  Gathering friends and our kids around the firepit to complete a day of summer fun is the perfect way to end a day.  If you don’t have a firepit no need to worry, there are plenty of affordable tabletop fire pits available that offer great ambience and are perfect for making smores. 
Last but certainly not least make sure you stock up on citronella candles or torches.  They can add great ambience and ensure that no one leaves your house covered in bug bites!  If you use any of these tips this summer when hosting be sure to let us know and tag us in your photos using the hashtag #rubiandlib