Creating a Monogram 101

Who doesn’t love a beautiful monogram?  Monograms are traditionally used as a set of decorative letters that are used to identify a family or individual but now you can even showcase your personality through a thoughtfully created monogram.  After you create a monogram you can used it on anything from stationary and linens to clothing, cups, home décor and elegant gifts.  The possibilities are endless!
So where do you start? It is important to remember there is really no right or wrong way to create your monogram.  Most personalized items are non-refundable so before you begin selecting your letter placement of your monogram or create a gift with a monogram there are a few things to keep in mind.
Traditionally a single letter monogram uses the first letter of the last name.  This is for both married and unmarried men and women.  In some situations, an unmarried woman will opt to use the first letter in her first name for a single letter monogram.
If you are using letters that are all the same size you will use the first letter of each the first, middle, and last name arranged in that order.
If you are using letters of varying sizes you will use the first letter of each the first, last, and middle name arraigned in that order. 
For married couples the last name initial goes in the middle with each of the first letters of their first names on either side.  With this monogram traditionally, the husbands first initial will go first and the wife’s first initial will go last.
For married women using a three letter monogram you would use the first letter or each the first, married last name, and maiden name or the middle name.
A modern take on a traditional monogram can use a two letter monogram for a married couple that will incorporate both of the first letters of their first name.
Monograms can range from extremely formal to whimsical.  Before developing your monogram, try to determine what style you are hoping to portray and where will you be using it.
You can find some of our favorite monogramed items here.  Contact us today so our talented design team can help to design your own personal monogram that can be added to any of our personalized products!