Christmas Card Inspiration

It's the time of year again for holiday cards and photos! Rubi and Lib is here to help you with your card this year.  With plenty of holiday card designs to choose from, the only thing you need to worry about is getting that perfect photo of your family.
We've got a few tips to help you coordinate everyone's look this Winter season.
As you can see, neutrals with a pop of color can connect the overall look of the photo. Try dressing the adults in neutral colors and use accessories to add a pop of color! The key is to dress your kids in warm and bright colors to draw the eye to them in the center of the photo, while the adults frame the portrait in their accented neutrals.
Colors in opposition can really pop! Different colored scarves are a perfect way to compliment our photo partners and visually unify a couple. 
Your card's theme doesn't have to be a coordinated by color, it could be a feeling! This family focused on feeling cozy during winter nights. Getting everyone snuggled and comfortable is an adorable look for the holidays and may meet less resistance from the kids! Once again, using neutrals for the adults and brighter colors for the kids spreads a warm and cohesive feeling while maintaining the appearance of effortlessness. 
We love these matching pj pants too! How cute! Wearing pajama pants with different tops creates unity and allows for individual style to shine through. 
Cozy up with a blanket to unite everyone in one color, regardless of what they're actually wearing! Once again here we see the adults dressed in neutrals with the attention drawn to the colorful child, but in this variation we accent the neutral colors by wrapping everyone up in a sweet blanket! 
Keep everyone in neutrals and add your pop of color from the card itself! Multiple people wearing Winter patterns can be complimentary - as long as you have a few people in solid colors to offset the busy-ness! 
Consider an action shot! Staging everyone for a smiling photo could be a challenge with a small child, so consider a fun action, like the example from this photo, to make sure you get that smile! An action shot is also a great way to add a unique touch to your picture as well. 
Once you have your pictures make sure you find your perfect card.  What better time to shop than our "get in the spirit sale!"  You can get 10% off all Holiday card purchases from now until November 16th, 2019.