Healthy and Fun Halloween Treats for Kids

There's no denying that kids love candy, however as a mom I'm always looking for alternative fun snacks. But they need to be quick! We rounded up a few ideas that can be put together in less than 5 minutes with just a few simple ingredients you probably already have around your house.

Banana Ghosts

Take half of a banana and decorate with mini chocolate chips, or fun icing eyes would be adorable too! 

Banana Ghost Treats

Orange Pumpkins

Peeled mandarine oranges make super cute pumpkins with a stem of celery added. Your kids will think you're a genius. 

Pumpkin Orange Halloween Healthy Treats

PB&J Spider Sandwiches

Elevate the mundane PB&J sandwich to the next level by just popping in pretzel sticks for legs and adding some chocolate chips for eyes and voila you have a spider your kids will love. 

Spider PB&J Halloween Sandwiches

Popcorn Bags

Add cheddar popcorn into small bags. For an extra detail, add a personalized halloween treat sticker

Personalized Halloween Treat Bag Stickers

Ghost Cheese Sticks

Draw a ghost face onto a cheese stick for an easy and fast halloween snack.

Ghost Cheese Stick Halloween Treats

We hope you all enjoy these treats and have a very Happy Halloween!

Healthy and Fun Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids | Pink Poppy Party Shoppe


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