Graduation Party Ideas

Tis the season for graduation parties! If you have someone who is graduating from college or high school or even eighth grade we have some pretty awesome party ideas for you. To celebrate a graduation is to celebrate a milestone - what better way to commemorate the event than with a party - and every party needs an epic invitations, decorations and even a cake.

We have pulled together some party ideas for you and even included links to our favorite decorations.

The Invite

The first thing you need in order to host a party is an invite! How else are you going to invite people? The invite will set the tone of the party and give your guests all the details they need to know. Be sure to include the date, time and place along with dress codes and possibly gift ideas.

Here are some great graduation invites for you to choose from:

The Decorations

We love black and gold for graduations. Every time we see something gold or sparkly it makes us wish we were celebrating something. Here are a few key decorations you should definitely stock up on if you are throwing a graduation party:

The Congrats Gold Glitter Banner


Personalized Gold Foil Napkins

Giant 40” Foil Number Balloons



Need a cake idea? How cute is this cake from hello_cakesy?    Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to follow our Graduation board on Pinterest.