{Free Printable} First Day of School Signs: Preschool through Senior Year

I cannot believe summer is coming to an end and school is back in session. I also cannot believe that my daughter is starting preschool this year. Talk about craziness! Like all moms I want to document this special occasion, so I created FREE First Day of School printable signs that I am so happy to share with you. I hope these signs will make a perfect addition to your back to school photo shoot.

I created 14 different signs to get you from Preschool all the way to Senior Year. Just click the link of the sign you want below, download the PDF and then print! 

Back to School Printable Signs: Free Download Preschool through Senior Year

First Day of Preschool

First Day of Kindergarten 

First Day of 1st Grade

First Day of 2nd Grade

First Day of 3rd Grade

First Day of 4th Grade

First Day of 5th Grade

First Day of 6th Grade

First Day of 7th Grade

First Day of 8th Grade

First Day of Freshman Year

First Day of Sophomore Year

First Day of Junior Year

First Day of Senior Year

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And since this is all brand new to me, I would love to hear from you! What are some of your family's 1st day of school traditions? If you need me, I'll be celebrating and crying into my morning cup of coffee. 💕

First Day of School FREE Printable Signs - Preschool through Senior Year