Adult Trick or Treat

I’m sure we all remember the childhood excitement of October’s long build up to Halloween. A month of spooky decorations and movies, costume construction, and planning an amazing candy route with your friends! What could be better?
 Well, Halloween is not just for the kids anymore! What happens when you combine the concept of a progressive dinner with trick or treat and make it an adult-only evening?  Grab a group of your neighborhood friends and plan an evening for your festivities. As you make your way through the neighborhood as the night goes on, expect lots of laughter and fun!
 Step 1: Map out all your participating houses and plan to all meet at the first stop.
 Step 2: Make your way through the neighborhood stopping at each home, which will all have a small adult beverage and snack. Perhaps pack a small baggie of “to go” treats for your guests to take along in true trick or treat style!  Our customizable/themed stickers would be a perfect addition to a packaged treat of kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, or any other sort of little Halloween “to go” snack you could create!
 Step 3: Want to add even more fun? Ask everyone in your party to decorate to match their costume theme! (Bonus points if your drink, snack, and home are themed with your costumes!)
 Rubi and Lib’s personalized Halloween cups and napkins are a great way to create a personalized touch to your theme!
 Step 4: Ask the members of your group if one house would consider hosting a final stop “scary movie” feature for the group. As they eat their snacks everyone can enjoy a spooky movie together to finish out the evening. (I’d personally choose something not too scary like Hocus Pocus for a funny option!)
Last year my husband and I participated in an adult trick or treat and had a blast!  I am already planning our costumes and theme for this year!  We hope you enjoy a fun and safe night out this Halloween!  Don't forget, our holiday collections are all 10% off now through 9/30/19, so stock up now on your Halloween essentials!  Tag us at #rubiandlib if you plan an adult trick or treat or use any of our hosting tips above!