{Plan Your Party} Back to School with Pink Poppy

It's that time again!  The time that parents dream about and every kid dreads. That's right…it's Back to School!!!

Make the transition from summer to school time by throwing your kids a Back to School party. We have all the party supplies you need to take the dread out of going back for your kiddos!

1. 11" Blue Balloons

2. Red and White Stripe Baking Cups

3. 12" Red Balloons

4. Back to School Personalized Stickers

5. Primary Colors Paper Straw Mix

6. Back to School Personalized Stickers

7. 11" Orange Balloons

8. Purple Glitter Cupcake Wrappers

9. 12" Yellow Balloon


Dress up your cupcakes even more with our Back to School Cupcake toppers, now available in the shoppe.  How cute are these? 

Send the kids back to school in style with a smile on their faces. Add our new personalized stickers and tags to your kids lunch boxes, notebooks, and folders.

Back to school never looked better!!!

With back to school comes all the sporting events. Why not show your school spirit or even contact us for a fundraising opportunity! These stadium cups can be personalized in any combination of school colors and with 45 available mascot images. 


Click on the picture below for our entire back to school selection!