Your Wedding Thank You Card Questions Answered

The big day was a whirlwind of tears, dancing, and cake!  And now it's time to start your new life as a married couple.  Your first task (after thoroughly enjoying your honeymoon) might seem a little daunting.  That's right....the thank you cards.

This time-honored tradition is a way of showing your appreciation to the people who not only gave you a gift, but helped make your big day the celebration of your dreams.  The gals here at Rubi and Lib wanted to make things a little easier for you, so we're answering a few questions about writing out those notes (along with a few pretty cards to look at along the way).


 How Long Do I Have???


Depending on when you received the gift, the amount of time you have will vary.

If you received a gift BEFORE the wedding - get that note out ASAP.  Etiquette says you have two weeks from receipt of the gift to send a note. But let's be honest, with wedding planning going on, getting a thank you note out before the big day might seem like a challenge.  Just make sure to put those thank you cards at the top of your list.

Now, for all the gifts you received ON YOUR WEDDING DAY (or after), you have about three months to express your gratitude to the gift-giver through a thank you card.  Thankfully, this gives you enough time to enjoy the honeymoon, settle in as a newly-married couple, and get back into the swing of normal life.  And keep in mind, that your wedding guests have about one-year after your nuptials to send their gift.



What Do I Write??? 

 Well, all of those wedding gifts and cards are probably stacked in your spare bedroom waiting to find a home. (just a guess - I know mine lived there for quite some time in our tiny apartment) Now it's time to break down that pile into categories and figure out how we thank the gift-giver.


The Gift:  A New Instant Pot (or any material gift that you will use)

Aunt Kathy wins the best gift will use that shiny appliance so much...take my word.  When you go to pen your note to her, thank her for celebrating your big day with you and how much that meant.  Then, mention that killer kitchen appliance and let her know how you plan to use it. 


Dear Aunt Kathy,

Thank you so much for travelling from Columbus to celebrate with us on our big day. We both really appreciate it and were so happy to get to dance with you.  Thank you for the Instant Pot, as well.  We are excited to try out some new recipes, especially a chili recipe we've been wanting to make this fall.  The next time you are in town, we'll have you over for dinner. Thank you again, and we can't wait to see you over the summer.


Aunt Kathy gets a sweet, personalized thank you card that will make her feel like you truly appreciate her time and her gift.   WIN-WIN!!!


The Gift:  CASH or a gift card

Chances are, you received a lot of cards containing cash, a check or a gift card.  Just like Aunt Kathy's rockin' gift, you can't beat liquid cash.  Whether you plan on putting it into savings for a down payment, or using it to get a new couch, the gift-giver will probably love to hear how you are using the money they shared.  But avoid the biggest "faux-pas" when it comes to a monetary gift...don't mention the amount.  Instead, refer to their generous gift; you'll be a class act. 


Dear Lauren & Steve,

Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate with us on our big day. We both really appreciate it and we loved getting our picture in the photo booth together.  Thank you for your generous monetary gift.  We are saving for a down payment and hope to find our dream home soon.  


Sweet and to the point. Lauren and Steve will probably love to know that their gift will contribute to one of your dreams of home ownership.  Plus, they'll probably hope to get a dinner invite out of it, too.


 - The Gift:  A Group Gift from all of your co-workers

The office crew decided to pitch in and give you both one big gift. Whether it was money, or that sweet Dyson vacuum, it was really thoughtful of them to go together on a gift.  Just like the examples above, make your note personal and sweet. But here's the thing....each person who contributed to the group gift, gets their OWN thank you note.  Yes, even Pam.


And as a side note, make sure you BOTH are signing the thank you card.  It might be one more step, but it'll show your friends and family that you went the extra mile.


 The Carlin Wedding Collection | Thank You Card


Who Gets a Thank You Card?


I'm glad you asked.  Here's a short, yet comprehensive list of the folks who should be on the receiving end.

- anyone who gave you an engagement, shower, or wedding gift

- anyone who gave you a gift of money (before, during or after the big day)

- your bridal party members

- anyone who hosted a shower or party for you

- people who helped house or entertain your wedding guests

- suppliers and vendors

- your parents or whoever hosted the wedding



It's time now to get busy writing out those thank you cards!  Pick one of the snazzy designs above, or contact us and let us make the perfect thank you card for you!  Don't forget, we can do all your return address printing too...give your hand a break!

Check out even more thank you cards here!

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