Wedding Trend Alert: Scotch Tasting Bar

Want to make your wedding reception one your guests won't soon forget?  Then consider adding a unique touch with a one of the wedding world's newest trends.  A tasting bar - and in this case - a Scotch Tasting bar.  The whiskey lovers at your reception will really appreciate this special touch and some of your guests may leave becoming new whiskey enthusiasts.  

Don't love whiskey but Tequila is your thing?  The same concept can be curated for a tequila tasting bar, a bourbon bar, or even vodka.  Or have a local vineyard set up a small wine tasting bar.  It'll be a little adventure for your guests without having to leave your venue. 

How do you go about setting up a Scotch Tasting Bar?  Look no further, we've got you covered.

Work with Your Bartender

If you are having an open bar at your venue, discuss with your coordinator the necessity for either another bartender or a dedicated bartender for that purpose. They may even have a staff member with a background in a specific spirit.

Whether you are providing the liquor for your bar or the venue is, discuss the variety of scotches you'd like to offer.  Having your bartender in on this meeting would be extra helpful.  He or she can recommend their favorites if you are unsure, and can contribute to any cocktail recipes or mixer ideas.

Offer a Mix of Top Shelf and Mid-Shelf Options

Some guests may prefer to drink their Scotch straight up and others may prefer a mixed drink.  Either way, you'll want to offer a variety of different level scotches for your guests. Consider a few local options if you have distilleries in the area, too. Here are a few of our favorites.


Top Shelfbest for sipping or on the rocks

    • Johnny Walker Black Label Director's Cut
    • The Macallan - Oak Cask
    • Glen Grant 18 Year Old


Mid Shelfbest for mixing in cocktails

    • Monkey Shoulder Batch 27
    • Dimple Pinch 15 Year Old
    • Dewar's 18 Year Old


The Accessories

The final touch to your Scotch Tasting Bar would be the small details to make it all come together.  Make sure your bar has some old-fashioned style glasses for serving on the rocks and highball glasses for mixed drinks.  Consider having a few snifters, as well, and even displaying some of the scotches out on the bar in decanters.   Last but not least, let your guests know the brands of scotch you have available with one of our Scotch Tasting bar signs.  It's the icing on the cake....or the scotch to the rocks.

 Scotch Tasting Drink Menu Print

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