Throw a Fabulous Spring Bridal Shower - Part 2 - The Planning Checklist

A few weeks ago, we talked about the first part of throwing a fabulous spring bridal shower - selecting your invitation.  Check out Part 1 here

Now that you have a "look" in mind, let's get to planning!  We've compiled a simple, easy-to-follow checklist to guide you through the process, with a few tips and reminders along the way. 

Six to Eight Weeks Out

The Guest List

After you and your fellow bridesmaids or family members have selected a look or theme for the shower with the invitation, it's time to ask the bride for a guest list. The bride will most likely want any of the female guests on the WEDDING invite list invited to the bridal shower.  Anyone not invited to the WEDDING is typically not invited to the shower (just an etiquette rule of thumb)

Keep in mind, also, if you are having a Co-Ed shower, you'll need to invite some guests as couples.

And let us help out with the guest address printing too, when you order your invitations. Save yourself all that time!!!  

And of course, your return address printing, too!

The Menu

Are you serving a full meal, or just some nibbles?  What about cocktails?  Think about what your bride would like most and the time of day you are asking your guests to be at the party.  You're not obligated to serve a full meal at a shower, but you certainly can, especially if you are hosting at a restaurant or catering venue. And if it's a lunchtime shower, your guests will most likely assume you are going to feed them.

Tie in your invitations with our custom printed menus, too.


If you are opting to go the appetizer route, again consider what tiny bites the bride would love to snack on at her shower, along with a variety of foods. This way you can meet most of your guests diets and palettes. Remember, not everyone loves calamari but most people will nibble on a fruit or cheese tray.

And having a signature cocktail for the day is always a fun idea!  It's not a party without a cocktail, if you ask me!

Our in-house cocktail connoisseur, Barb, found this gorgeous Champagne Punch Bellini over at Crazy for Crust. We know this is a winner!


The Schedule

While you or one of the bridesmaids need to keep the show running, remember the guests are there to relax and celebrate the bride.  Know when you'll eat, when she'll open gifts (if at all) and if you'll play games or do activities during the shower.  But if during Gift Bingo, Aunt Margo wants to share about the 50 year-old handkerchief she embroidered for the bride to carry, let her tell the family story.  The bride, and the guests, will really appreciate it.

About Four Weeks Out

Now for the fun stuff!  The party decor!  Give yourself plenty of time to order some really cute personalized decor pieces.  We're talking napkins, cups, and even cocktail signs.  Here's a few of our favorites.


Green Floral Bridal Shower Full Color Napkins

Check out all of our bridal shower napkins!


Cheers to the Future Mrs. Frosted Plastic Cups

I Do BBQ Clear Plastic Cups

Cocktail Signs

Signature Drink Menu Print

Include the Bride's Fur Baby!!!!

Dog Wedding Bar Menu Print


One to Two Weeks Out

Final Details

With only a few days until the shower, now is a good time to finalize your guest count. Check what RSVPs you have against the guest list, and try to reach out to any guests you haven't heard from. 

Once you feel comfortable with the head count, check in with your venue or caterer for the final menu details.  Or if you are catering the shower yourself, start shopping for whatever you can!

Last but not least, you may want to consider having a fun element at the shower to keep the party going, or a create conversation.

Think a fun donut wall, photo booth props and even some Bridal Shower Games. Our DIY printable games make every super easy!

Most importantly, remember to ENJOY THE SHOWER. Create memories with the bride, mingle with the guests, and take a moment to step back and admire all the joy in the room.  It's truly the icing on the cake!
Let us know how we can help you plan the perfect bridal shower by getting in touch with us at The ladies are ready to help every step of the way!


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