You said yes?! It's time to Save the Date!

Congratulations on your engagement!  We know this is such an exciting and magical time in your life!  Once the excitement of the initial engagement has settled down, it’s time to start planning the big day! The task can seem incredibly intimidating, we know. Take everything one step at a time, starting with part one: Save the Dates.

You’ll want to get the word out about your special day, so save the dates are the perfect way to let your guests know in advance when and where your event will take place. This guide will help answer your questions of “Who gets a save the date?” or “When do you send save the dates?”

Who gets a Save the Date?

When you are ready to send out your wedding save the date, it is important to make sure you include everyone who should be invited to your wedding. Generally, you should include all close family members, friends, and other important people who you would like to have attend your special day.

If you have B-list, you shouldn’t send them a save the date. They’ll assume they will be receiving an invitation, and if you receive too many positive RSVP’s you won’t be able to invite them. You should send save the dates to those that you know will absolutely be there, including parents, siblings, and the wedding party.

You’ll only send one save the date to a household, so you’ll need to specify who’s invited to the wedding. If children will be invited, you’ll address the envelope to the parents followed by “and family.” You can also use this opportunity to specify whether a guest can bring a guest, by indicating “and guest.” Taking the time to address your guests directly can help avoid unnecessary questions and give parents time to book a babysitter if children aren’t invited.

What to Include on Your Save the Date?


Consider the key details when designing your save the date cards. The couple’s names are a basic detail but necessary. If you’ll be sending a text only card (one that doesn’t feature your photo), it’s best to include your first and last names to avoid any confusion.  In addition to the date, stick to only the information your guests will need six months in advance including:


  • The location – no need for specific addresses, just the city will do for now so guests can make travel arrangements if necessary.


  • Your wedding website – if you choose to have a wedding website or app, make sure to include the link on your save the date so guests can get more details.


  • A note about the invitation – you should always include “Invitation to Follow” on the card so guests understand this is not the actual invitation

When To Send Your Save the Date?

Try to send out save the date cards to invited guests at least 6-8 months in advance so that they can make arrangements to ensure their attendance.  It’s important to decide on the invited guest list before sending out the Save the Dates. Once you've sent someone a Save the Date, out of proper etiquette, they must be on your guest list and receive a formal invitation. Guests typically do not RSVP to Save the Dates, so expect to be able to finalize a guest list once you send out your formal invitations.  

The great news is that Save the Dates do not need to match the overall theme of your wedding! That means there's no stress or rush in deciding the color scheme or theme. Save the Dates are sent out so early in the planning stages that they become a stand-alone moment in the wedding journey. Choose a Save the Date design that represents you as a couple and compliments any photos you decide to use.


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