Choosing the Purrrfect Pet Photo for Custom Illustrations

How to Choose the Purrrfect Pet Photo for Custom Illustrations

Ever wonder the ins and outs of creating the perfect image of your pet, the star of Rubi & Lib’s custom-illustrated pet wedding products? Let us walk you through the do's and don'ts of selecting that one perfect photo to highlight on your big day. 

You love your pet. SO MUCH. If you could have them at the wedding, we know you totally would. But since that’s probably not an option (at least in most cases), Rubi & Lib Design Studio offers a line of adorable custom products to let your pet make a special appearance at your wedding ceremony or reception.


Our artists will capture your pet’s personality and create a coordinated suite of supplies to give your wedding a uniquely furry twist, from signature cocktail signs, napkins and cups, to coasters, can coolers, and more…


Illustrated Pet Wedding Decor 

The first, most important - and arguably most difficult - step in personalizing your pet is to choose a great photo. Just one.


Using a customer-supplied photo, talented Rubi & Lib designers render a watercolor or line-drawn illustration using the actual photo sent in by a customer.


Rubi & Lib designers artistically duplicate the pet - however it looks in the photo - so what you see in the photo is what you’ll get. The converse is also true: If it’s not in the photo, we can’t add it. We can’t compensate for things that are missing, like an ear or half a face. 

This means that if you send us a perfect photo that checks all the boxes (see our checklist below), your custom illustration will be pretty spot on. It also means if you send us a photo with a head turned or an ear cut off, your custom illustration will reflect that.


Why sending multiple pictures doesn’t help


Our artists also cannot make a composite image from multiple photos. One pet, one photo, one hand-drawn image.

So although we know it’s hard to pick just one favorite photo of your furbaby, for this you must. Sending us 10 photos actually complicates the process, since we can only render an image of a pet from one.


And if you can’t possibly choose one, how can we?! Besides, we couldn’t possibly handle the pressure in the face of all that cuteness!


Like most rules, though, this one has an exception: If you plan to feature more than one pet on your wedding products, you can send a different photo for each pet (although a single photo of multiple pets is always preferred). If you have to send multiple photos, try to choose shots with similar lighting, settings and layouts so your final illustrations have a cohesive look.


Choosing an existing photo vs. taking one


If you scroll through your entire photo library without finding a single photo of your pet that meets all of our requirements, don’t despair. You can take one!



The ASPCA shares some tips and tricks on photographing pets. (TL; DR: Photograph from the pet’s level, focus on the pet’s eyes, use natural light, hold your pet’s attention, highlight your pet’s personality.)


Choosing the Purrrfect Pet Photo Checklist



  • Send ONE well-lit, high-resolution photo for the artist’s rendering.
  • Make the pet entirely in frame, either sitting or standing (but not laying down), facing front, with eyes open and a happy or silly facial expression.
  • Make sure ears are fully visible.
  • Capture your pet’s personality in the photo. If we can’t see it, we can’t recreate it.
  • Use good lighting. Natural sunlight produces the best photos!
  • Let us know which pet is which, by name and descriptions. For example, Charlie, the golden doodle; Max, the gray pitbull; Ollie, the white cat.



  • Choose a background your pet blends into, like a black dog on a black couch.
  • Send a photo of your pet with something you don’t want in the photo (hat, costume, leash, toys, human handler, etc.).
  • Use blurry or pixellated photos.
  • Cut off any part of your pet you’d want in the custom illustration. If it’s not in the photo, it won’t be in the illustration, whether it’s an ear, an eye, or half of your pet’s face.
  • Compress file size when sending photos. Unlike your mobile carrier, our motto is, the more megabytes, the better!
  • Send a photo of pets lying down. These do not illustrate nearly as well as pets sitting or standing.

So to recap, the best way to ensure that your pet makes a memorable appearance at your wedding is by selecting the perfect photograph of them. The photo you choose should be high resolution and should capture their personality in the best light. If you take the time to find the perfect image, it will be sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.


When selecting a photo, consider the angle and lighting. Natural lighting is always preferred for photos of any kind; however, indoor lighting may work better for some pets depending on their coat color and fur pattern. Also, think about what angle captures your pet’s features best. A straight-on shot isn’t always the answer - sometimes a profile or even looking up at your pet can give you the desired effect!


Once you have selected the perfect photo of your pet, Rubi & Lib Design Studio can create custom-illustrated products that feature your favorite pet in all their glory! From cocktail napkins to drinkware and beyond, there are lots of ways to ensure that your furry friend makes an appearance at your special day without actually being present in person. It’s sure to be a hit with all of your guests!

At Rubi & Lib Design Studio we understand that each pet is unique and special, which is why we take extra care when creating custom products featuring them. We use vibrant colors and high quality materials so that when people look at these products they can truly appreciate just how important of a role your beloved pet plays in your life.


So if you’re planning a wedding and want to include an image of your pet on one (or multiple) of our custom designed products don’t hesitate – shop our custom illustrated pet products today! We would love nothing more than to help bring out the beauty and uniqueness of your four-legged family member at such an important event as this one!



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