6 Essentials for a Picture-Perfect Cocktail Hour

6 Essentials for a Picture-Perfect Wedding Cocktail Hour

Planning your wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. Your cocktail hour is one of the most important parts of your big day and it's essential to make sure it looks as picture-perfect as possible! With all details having a purpose, Rubi and Lib Design Studio offers personalized napkins, cups and bar signs - adding just the right touch to your cocktail hour. In this post, we will go over six key items you'll need for a beautiful, successful cocktail hour that all your guests will love!

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Set the Tone with Personalized Bar Signs – Make sure to include your favorite drinks for a personal touch

Imagine walking into your wedding reception and the first thing your guests see is a beautiful bar sign, personalized just for you and your significant other. It's not just any bar sign, but one that has your favorite drinks displayed on it, creating a one-of-a-kind touch that sets the tone for the rest of the night. With personalized bar signs, you can convey a casual, inviting atmosphere where your friends and family can let loose and thoroughly enjoy your special day. The customization of these signs not only adds a level of sentimentality, but also shows your guests your attention to detail in making your wedding celebration truly unique. So, grab a drink and let the good times roll, as everyone raises a glass to toast the newlyweds in style!

Show Off Your Style with Unique Napkins and Cups – Choose a design that reflects your personality

Step up your hosting game with unique napkins and cups that effortlessly showcase your style and personality. Why settle for bland and boring tableware when you can express yourself with original designs that will undoubtedly spark conversations and turn heads? Illustrated Pet Napkins are always a guest favorite!

There's no better way to create a memorable dining experience than with visually captivating and unexpected details. Plus, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness for pulling out all the stops. From bold and artistic patterns to subtle and witty prints, let your creativity run wild in choosing napkins and cups that truly reflect who you are. So next time you plan a gathering, infuse every element of your tablescape with your essence by choosing bold and distinctive designs – elevating your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Serve Signature Drinks for a Special Touch – Create custom cocktails that are unique to your wedding

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Adding a special touch to your wedding can make it truly unforgettable, and what better way to do that than by serving signature drinks as part of your celebration? Custom cocktails designed specifically for your big day can be a delightful surprise for your guests and a memorable detail that sets your wedding apart from others they've attended. By incorporating elements of your wedding theme, love story, or personal tastes, you can have a mixologist concoct exquisite libations that reflect your union's unique essence. As your loved ones sip on these inventive and delectable creations, they'll remember your special day fondly - not just through the memories, but through the delicious flavors that defined it. Cheers to a personal touch that will leave your guests buzzing with excitement and anticipation for your next milestone!

Stock Up on Essential Supplies – Don’t forget ice, garnishes, and other essential items

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When hosting an event or gathering, it's easy to focus on having enough drinks and food, but don't overlook the importance of stocking up on essential supplies! Ice, for instance, is crucial for keeping beverages chilled and refreshing – and nobody wants a lukewarm drink on a hot day. And let's not forget about garnishes; they're not just for the Gram, but they also add that extra pop of flavor and color to your cocktails, taking them to a whole new level. Other essential items like napkins, straws, and even extra corkscrews can make your life a whole lot easier, ensuring that your party goes off without a hitch. 

Add Some Fun Music – Choose tunes that get guests in the party mood

There's no better way to elevate the vibe of any event than by adding a bit of fun music to the mix! Handpicking tunes that are guaranteed to get your guests excited and in the party mood can be a total game-changer. Forget about the headache of choosing the perfect playlist; simply focus on selecting those catchy, upbeat melodies that will make your friends want to sing along and show off their fabulous dance moves. After all, the primary goal is to create a lively atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and the spirit of celebration comes alive. So amp up the energy, turn up the volume, and watch as the magic of music transforms your gathering into an unforgettable shindig!

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Enjoy Every Moment - Take time to appreciate all the hard work you put into making this special evening perfect!

As you stand back and take in the atmosphere of your carefully planned special evening, remember the importance of enjoying every moment. All that hard work you put into perfecting every little detail – from the inviting decorations to the personalized menu – has truly paid off, creating a night you and your guests will never forget. Don't get caught up in the whirlwind of hosting, but rather, fully immerse yourself in the experience alongside your friends and family. Laugh, make memories, and revel in the shared joy that you have so meticulously crafted. After all, it's these cherished moments of connection and celebration that make life truly worthwhile.


 Photographer: The Ganeys

The perfect wedding cocktail hour should be created with personalization and style. With Rubi and Lib Design Studio, you can create your own special details in the form of personalized bar signs, unique napkins, and special cups. By setting the tone right, your guests will be amazed by all the personalized touches! Create a few signature drinks to make your event even more special. Don’t forget to stock up on essential supplies like ice and garnishes too! Signing off with some fun music is a must—it sets the mood for an unforgettable evening with your close friends and family. At the end of it all, take some time to appreciate what you have just accomplished—all the hard work paid off in such an incredible way! So if you're looking for quality craftmanship that reflects both yours and your significant other's personalities as well as an upcoming memorable event right around the corner, then look no further: Work with designers at Rubi and Lib to create your one of a kind details today!

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