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    The Latest Wedding Trends

    March 05, 2020 2 min read

    The Latest Wedding Trends

    Hello 2020 Wedding Season! As we begin a new decade of planning weddings and events we see a change in décor and where couples choose to place the focus in their event. Couples are incorporating their personal style into their wedding in new fresh ways. Let’s take a moment to break down some of the hottest trends and relatable ways that you can incorporate them.


    Move over neutrals, bold pops of color are here to stay! We will always love muted romantic tones, but bold pops of color have taken over and we are in love. These colors are being incorporated in the most innovative ways. Gone are the days of white and cream bouquets and colored bridesmaid dresses stealing the show. Couples are opting to infuse color throughout their ceremony and reception in a variety of ways. 

    A Bold Bouquet


    A Whimsical Wedding Arch


    A Colorful Reception



    Non traditional flowers are stealing the show.  Couples are selecting floral arraignments that incorporate dried flowers, succulents and a lot of varied greenery.  By incorporating these elements you can also save money on your arraignments as you will use less fresh floral stems.

    Fern and Greenery Bouquet


    Dried Floral Bouquet

    Greenery and Succulents


    More and more couples are infusing their love story and life throughout their event.  This is a meaningful way to give everyone a glimpse at your love story and the things that mean the most to you as a couple.  Are you a couple that looks forward to Friday night pizza delivery and movies?  Are you a couple that is adventurous and loves to travel?  Are there details about your love story that you want to share? Maybe you have a furry friend that means the world to you and you want to include them.

    Personalized Napkins

     Fun Facts

    Furry Friends


    It is no surprise that sustainable weddings are a growing trend in the wedding industry as we all try to reduce our impact on the world around us.  Throwing an environmentally friendly wedding does not mean you have to compromise on your details.

    Hand Lettered Leaf Place Cards


    Potted Floral Centerpieces


    Wedding Favors



    While some things with stationery remain classic, Monograms we are talking about you, there are a lot of fresh new trends in the stationery world.  Modern minimalist designs with handwritten fonts are the top trend that we are seeing.  


    Move over floral arraignments!  We are seeing a lot of centerpieces that focus more on unique elements instead of the traditional flowers.  Books, candles, terrariums and so much more are building a tablescape that showcases the couples personality and creates beautiful reception decor.






    The bridal party attire is trending towards a much more relaxing feeling.  Bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses, both color and style, these are truly dresses that can be worn again!  Groom and Groomsmen styles that are trending are playful designs with texture, color and patterns.  Let's not forget the bride to be!   Thanks to Meghan Markle the trend towards sleek, modern and elegant is still holding strong.  


    Groom and Groomsmen



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