Stress free New Year's Eve - And A Studio Holiday Closing Update

How is it that 2018 is at an end already? Pink Poppy has had such an amazing year and we're so thankful to each and everyone of our customers. All of us here are ready to put our feet up, and enjoy the holidays with our family and friends.
The studio will be closed from December 22nd through January 2nd. And we cannot wait to see what amazing events you have in store for 2019! 
In an effort to fully enjoy friends and family this New Year's Eve, our customer Service Specialist, Barb, shares with us about she plans to throw a stress-free New Year's Eve Party.
New Year's Eve certainly takes on a whole new dynamic once you have little ones. Gone are the days when we could dance the night away at a trendy place while sipping champagne. I mean, sure, you can try to find yourself a babysitter and go out, but in reality who wants to watch your kids on New Year’s Eve? So a few years ago, we decided to throw a family New Year's Eve get-together with some of our neighbors. This way we could still celebrate and have an excuse to pop the bubbly. 
 We had absolutely no intentions of making it until midnight our first year with everyone. Over the last few years, many of the kids have proven to us they are destined to be party animals and have made it all the way to midnight!
Parties these days are about hanging out, letting the kids cut loose and enjoying some delicious food - and more importantly some adult refreshments (because when you are all close by, no one has to worry about driving home). 
So, I've decided this year that it's about kicking back and enjoying the New Year's celebration instead of spending the entire evening in the kitchen.  
Instead of organizing food, and having everyone contribute to the menu...we are going to eliminate the stress, and simply order food! It might be pizzas or it might be subs, but regardless it will not be a labor-intensive job for me. 
Every year, I have had a tendency to try and serve some kind of tasty and beautiful cocktail. In doing this, I end up becoming a bartender for the night and yet again tying myself to the kitchen. So this year... it's a champagne bar! 
Everyone loves champagne at New Year's, and I do too! So I'm going to set out a few bottles of champagne, a few different juices to mix in or even some flavored liquors and fresh berries. Your guests can then mix their own festive drink and you can enjoy your own, while catching up with everyone instead of serving them.
Serving your champagne cocktails in a personalized cup makes for a great little conversation piece and even allows your guests to take a little bit of the party home with them.
And lets not forget the guests of honor at the party…you know all the little ones who are ready to go crazy with their friends. Make sure you have some kid friendly food (because no one wants to fight with their kids about what they are eating at a party). Toss some juice boxes in a cooler and let them have some cookies - store bought will be just fine!
I usually aim for the “decorating” to be minimal but still look like I put some thought into the party ahead of time (even if I may have waited until the last minute).
This year I am thinking of rocking the oh so popular rose gold shimmer! Displaying the personalized cup and coordinating napkins is an amazing way to add a little personal detail to your spread. Just add in some pretty confetti, rose gold balloons, and you are ready to party!
From our house to yours - cheers to a New Year and a delicious glass of champagne!
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